The American Batali (1992) S, unpublished

Bass Burner  (1994) B,A,Voice,Gong (1 player) Carus-Verlag 11.601

The Bird and The Donkey S, Heinrichshofen N2641

Cartoons (1990-1993) Si,S Improvisation

I'd Rather Be In Philadelphia (1992) A, Universal Edition UE 30214

Mato Grosso (1975) Unpublished

Medieval Nights (1998) T, Carus-Verlag 11.605

Medley: Signals/Limits(1980) Prepared & regular S, Chinese Cymbal or Gong (1 player) Improvisation

Right Hand Pentachord Variations (1980) Prepared S, Improvisation (an instructional score appeared in Ear Magazine Vol. 7 #5)

Street Musician (1998) D published in Spielbuch 3, Ed. Braun/Fischer, Ricordi #SY2616

This And That (1999) Si,S (1 player) Carus-Verlag 11.608

Three Etudes Before And After The Blues(1997) S,T (1 player) published in Spielbuch 2 Ed. Braun/Fischer Ricordi #SY2615

Transitions (1989) Si,S,A,T (1 player) Improvisation


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Solo Works